• Privacy Update: ATT Opt-In Rate Now Up To 29%
    The opt-in rate for Apple's consent scheme was 25% a year ago. Within gaming apps, it's jumped to 36%.
  • Guess Which Device Has Supplanted Computers As The Go-To For Email?
    Well, this is a "Mobile Insider" column, isn't it? But the real surprise isn't that it's mobile devices, but the reason why consumers have made the shift.
  • New Health Privacy Bill Restricts Mobile Ads In Washington State
    Companies may soon be prohibited from using geotargeting techniques to send ads to anyone within 2,000 feet of facilities providing health care services in Washington state
  • A Mobile Tale Of Two Trade Associations
    When it comes to the IAB, mobile is driving overall digital growth. When it comes to the MMA, mobile is almost impossible to find.
  • M-commerce Apps: Installs Slow, But Sessions, Revenue Continue Growth
    In North America, installs were up slightly, but average session length dipped. Revenue/sales rose, but not by double digits.
  • Mr. Watson, i12cu
    When Motorola researcher Martin Cooper made the first ever mobile phone call 50 years ago, he used it to get a rise out of his rival at Bell Labs. If he were doing it today, more likely than not, it would be via a text message. Pick your emoji of choice.
  • Try Typing With Your Thumbs!
    Coming to a theater near you: a free wireless internet signal that nobody knows what to do with, except some Canadian nerds.
  • Why It's Time To Listen To Mobile's First Anti-Fraud Evangelist
    Mobile marketing platform AppsFlyer this week named Andreas Naumann its -- and likely the ad industry's -- first anti-fraud evangelist. In this Q&A, he explains why mobile has become the biggest vector for fraud and why the ad industry has taken its eyes off the ball.
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