• Capitulation? Who's Capitulating?
    According to a panel of top media buyers, the goal of the U.S. JIC is NOT to establish currencies, and the majority of what will actually be transacted will be on Nielsen's legacy ratings. Who would have known?
  • MRC (WMD?)
    The answer depends on what you believe the role of the MRC actually is. Or at least, what it's supposed to be.
  • Will Upfront 2028-29 Be IRL?
    One thing's for sure: MediaPost's Outfront Forum in New York City this Wednesday will be discussing that -- in real life.
  • Ramble On
    Sometimes I grow so tiring, but this column will help you when I do.
  • How Does Industry Pro Use Of Social Media Influence Media Neutrality?
    A new report doesn't answer that, but it shows Twitter is the top place they share professional content, while LinkedIn is No. 1 for consuming it.
  • From Blockbuster To Rube Goldberg: The Evolution Of Viewer Privacy
    As far as I know, no Blockbuster Video store ever listened to me, preserved and shared my data back in the day. Maybe that's because there was a law prohibiting it. Or maybe because it was just creepy and defied common sense.
  • My Past Is Prologue
    Now's your chance to predict the future. Or at the very least, some future futurists.
  • It's Morning Again On Planet Earth
    "The data clearly debunks the perception of globalization going into reverse gear. Globalization is not just a buzzword, it's a powerful force that has transformed our world for the better," says DHL CEO John Pearson, adding: "we can build a brighter future that benefits us all, creating a world that is more interconnected, more prosperous and more peaceful than ever before."
  • All Ego Aside, Who Should Get Credit For The VID?
    It's not the MRC, because the council will be the ones validating the new cross-media measurement system -- and its virtual IDs, or VID -- when they roll out.
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