CTV/OTT: The Next Frontier of Direct-to-Consumer Performance Marketing
Thursday May 25th, 2023 - 1:00 PM

In the modern ad landscape, the traditional marketing funnel is evolving. Marketers, who once had to choose between branding OR performance, are redefining what performance marketing really means. With the ability to capture both top- and bottom-funnel metrics, CTV is becoming a preferred media channel among direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers for delivering measurable results.

Join our upcoming webinar, where performance media partner, Digital Remedy, will share findings from their latest research survey. Learn about the growing role that CTV/OTT plays in the media mix of DTC marketers, including expected ad spending and budget allocation and top campaign measurement priorities.

Special guest Stephan Lukac, Marketing Director at Indochino, will share his perspective on how DTC strategies are shifting, the importance of real-time optimization and reporting, and why transparency and agility are crucial when working with a media execution partner.

Speakers’ names and titles -

Brittany Paril, Sr. Manager, Marketing and Insights at Digital Remedy

Mike McLaughlin, RVP, Sales at Digital Remedy

Stephan Lukac, Marketing Director at Indochino

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Performance Measurement in OOH is Being Driven by Innovation
Tuesday Jun 6th, 2023 - 10:00 AM

Performance measurement for OOH has come a long way as a compliment to brand lift as a means for evaluating OOH spend. Equally, OOH has come a long way and now includes programmatic, rotating kiosks, and vehicles with tops, wraps, and tablets. Innovation creates its own momentum. The future is bright for optimizing campaigns in real time based on consumer interactions and the kind of attribution digital has used to power incredible growth. Join Reveal Mobile's Chief Commercial Officer Jon Frangakis and OAAA President and CEO Anna Bager for a wide ranging and dynamic discussion of how innovation will lift performance measurement to new heights in turn powering dynamic advertising growth for OOH. We'll also share research on what industry buyers want to see performance measurement deliver.

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